Innovative collaboration between Lescrauwaet & van der Ende

Raymond Lescrauwaet has been working for several years with Mark van der Ende, owner of several companies in lighting technology. Among other things, Mark works on making flowers and plants grow more efficiently through visible light and non-visible EMF radiation. For example, he produces LED lighting systems through his company Flowmagic B.V. and works within Viroled B.V. with ultraviolet light to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi in an environmentally friendly way.

Author: Daniëlle Lescrauwaet

Since first contact, Raymond and Mark have supported each other in various research and developments. For example, Raymond helped develop a special EMF measurement method for a recent invention by Mark: the ParXtra modulator. This modulator can be installed in greenhouses to then use electromagnetic frequencies to make plants grow better. A unique invention that can bring major energy savings to the horticultural sector. The modulator amplifies the existing light in the greenhouse with invisible EMF frequencies, allowing crops to grow faster. Mark adds, “Actually, you speed up the process of photosynthesis which means less energy is needed.

In one of the studies on the ParXtra modulator, it was necessary to measure how far the modulator’s frequencies reached. ‘Such a measuring instrument did not yet exist. When I asked Raymond for help, he developed some special antennas and a measurement method that allowed us to measure the field strength of the specific frequencies,’ said Mark. This was an important step in the research into the modulator that is currently being carried out by Wageningen University Research with Lescrauwaet and has already been described recently by ‘Bloemen en Plantennieuws’.

Raymond has developed the antennas c.q. measurement method from his years of expertise in the field of electromagnetism within and outside horticulture. For example, Lescrauwaet BV regularly provides EMF measurements in greenhouses, as reported in KASmagazine, and implements innovative AQUA4D systems, which use electromagnetic resonance frequencies to improve the molecular structure of water. With this, Lescrauwaet is committed to realizing the cleanest possible electromagnetic (EMF) environment in which the ParXtra modulator can also be applied with maximum efficiency.

In addition to the modulator, Mark has developed the UVC-LEDmaster 100 together with Felix Oudshoorn. This is mounted on lawnmowers to treat, among other things, top sports fields. Through UVC radiation, fungal diseases in short cut grass can be efficiently controlled on both soccer fields and golf courses. The UVC radiation breaks down pieces of DNA, preventing the fungus from reproducing and therefore disappearing. The UVC-LEDmaster 100 technology is distributed worldwide by multinational company Tarkett Sports.

Reciprocally, Mark will lend his expertise to an earlier sustainable development by Raymond under the name Reflecoat, a range of up to more than 700 degrees Celsius heat-resistant coatings that, depending on the conditions, smooth the surface structure of light-reflecting surfaces such as lamp reflectors, reduce light absorption and thus improve light reflection. This allows existing Son-T lamps, among others, to be used efficiently for a little longer in certain cases. This has also been published previously in Vegetable News. In addition, with the color choice of the coating, in combination with the lamp used, the desired light spectrum can also be realized. This makes lamps a lot more efficient within a specific light spectrum, which also results in energy savings.

In short, there is innovative cooperation between the two gentlemen and companies. Mark agrees: “It has certainly been successful so far, with us making efficient use of each other’s expertise. With this we want to achieve even more sustainable impact.’

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